Dallas Talk – 2009 – Isaac Tigrett – Snippets

Lead in to the Snippit:

I find it very, very hard to believe that the same Mr. Tigrett now REALLY believes in “chosen communicator” and MDH subtle body/light body. BTW has Mr. Tigrett clearly, in public, acknowledged his belief in “chosen communicator” and MDH subtle body/light body? If so, I wonder if somebody could pass me the related info.

I would not be surprised if Mr. Tigrett is simply going along with “chosen communicator” and MDH subtle body/light body belief, but not actually believing in it, as it may be meeting some other objectives of his, related to thinking positive and serving Swami through service and spiritual projects.

Here are the transcript snippets with some comments from me (in square brackets prefixed with Ravi:).

At around 17:41


Looking into these eyes, how can anyone believe

he would speak through a mere boy – an unknown source with dubious background.

Mr. Isaac Tigrett says, “You relationship is one on one with Him. That’s also another unique experience. Do not get confused with the collective thinking that your relationship is a group relationship because its not. Its one on one. And that is the delicious knowledge He has given you.”

[Ravi: How can a “chosen communicator” be acceptable for a one on one relationship between devotee and Sai/Him?]

Around 32:20

“When all these masters came, religions were started after they went. How? Because the Jyoti light is lit in their words and people found their own reflection and their own reason for spirituality through the words they read. Jesus Christ died 2009 years ago. He has five hundred million devotees on this planet. They’ve never seen Him. They’ve never heard Him. But they read His word and they find their own spirituality.”

[Ravi: So, shouldn’t we Sathya Sai devotees now go by His word, as provided in many, many public discourses of His, about staying away from communicators and mediums and instead have a direct heart-to-heart relationship with Him?]

Around 34:02

“Everybody thinks, Oh I see, there’s going to be a new age. And Swami is going to do a little thing with His crystal thing and everyone’s going to believe in Sai Baba. Everyone is going to believe in God [Ravi: said with a lot of emphasis]. The God within. Your next door neighbour, your friend, he just started this Shiva Rudram. You know what it talks about – God is in inanimate objects. Inanimate! In this piece of board, in this piece of plastic, in everything that you see, God is in everything.”

[Ravi: Exactly! Now, in the post-Mahasamadhi phase, it is time to believe in the “God within” and not in some “chosen communicator” who sees some invisible-to-almost-everybody-else subtle body/light body.]

Around 42:42

“I sit there (Ravi: there refers to Prasanthi Nilayam, Puttaparthi) and I watch everyone practicing duality all day long. God’s over there and I am over here. Ridiculous! We are all divine beings. Seek knowledge not acknowledgement.”

[Ravi: Is “chosen communicator” not promoting duality? Of course it is, and in very, very strange ways too.]

Around 45:26

“And then I realized He had given me a boon. Because I had to discover the formless. He wasn’t going to let the form get in the way of my evolution. So those fifteen years I read the books, every word. I grew spiritually like a monster. I understood the formless, the formless, the formless nature of us all. .. He didn’t want His Maya to get in the way of my evolution.”

[Ravi: Then why allow this “chosen communicator” to confuse some Sathya Sai devotees? Let them seek the formless God within now.]

Around 55:11

“We are divine beings. Everything is made of Prana energy. Everything is made of divine energy. Its in the space between you and me. Its in the air. Its the electron in every atom. The whole thing that He is doing with this new Rudram is to pray and let you know that the vibrations that God has in inanimate objects too. But man is the most powerful (and the) highest of all beings. Because we have true divinity within us. He said I made you in my image. This is the light body. We are powerful, powerful beings.

[Ravi: Mr. Tigrett refers to the light body here. But this light body is the divine body of each of us (if I understood him correctly), and not a special light body based in MDH.]

Around 1:01:42

“He is excited about the advent of Bhagavan Sri Prema Sai, the part of a triple incarnation. The Shiva-Shakti energy was Sai Baba. The Shiva energy was Shirdi and now the Shakti energy, which is the Jesus energy, is going to rule over the new age. Its beautiful.”

[Ravi: So it is Prema Sai who comes next. And there is no reference to any MDH light body/subtle body with a “chosen communicator”.]

Around 1:07:13

“He’s going to go. He has become very sentimental. He cries all the time. I cry with Him many times. He is very sensitive. He knows He is going. He is very sentimental. You’ve got to remember He’s is a God-man. He has every right to be sentimental. He has every right to adore us. And believe me, it is a great difficulty in His heart of hearts, human heart, for Him to do this job which is to slowly exit the scene. He is going to die. Only the body. So, are you ready? What are you going to do? You all are gonna cut your wrists and follow Him? What are you gonna do? Is He going to be gone? Is your own Prema energy gone? Is your belief in God gone? Or whatever. He loves us. He’s exiting the scene. He is getting ready for the greatest moment in history to occur. This is Grace, man. This is the time. And all of you should be doing only one thing – thinking positively and asking one question. Swami, what can I do for you? Sairam.”

[Ravi: Very explicitly, Mr. Tigrett says that Swami (Sathya Sai) is going to die (bodily death). And what are we Sai devotees supposed to do then according to him: think positively and ask, Swami what can I do for you? There is no reference to any chosen communicator or light body/subtle body at all.]

The last transcript below just has some background info. of Mr. Tigrett which I found to be quite interesting. It is not related to my analysis of Mr. Tigrett’s supposed belief in MDH subtle body/light body.

Around 47:39

Questioner: “Thank you so much for coming. How soon are you going to be able to relate this to the Baptist community.”

Mr. Tigrett: “Ahh.. Well, that’s very interesting. See, organized religion is a very strange thing. There is a … committee. There’s no accountability. Its all politics. And they politicize what they believe is the way to worship God. And its a personal thing. Its very good if there are groups. I believe in Baptists. In fact I come from (this) ancient Baptist family which was so right-wing you have no idea, in Jackson, Tennessee where I am from. Five generations. One day a minister got up and he said that all the Hindus in the world are going to burn in eternity for not following Christ. And all the men of (a-non-Christian-religion) are going to burn in eternity for not following Christ. And all the Jews and even all the catholics are going to burn in eternity for … (laughter). And something in (my) tiny mind said, the Lamb didn’t say that. The Lamb – that’s the energy of Prema Sai. You see, Prema Sai is going to bring the energy of Christ. Its amazing but I left the church. That day. I said, although I was a spiritual boy, I said no way, man. And I left. And then Sai Baba called me in one day and He said, you are very angry at your family. I said that, yes I am. They have not spoken to me for thirty years because I followed you, because I believe in universal God. And He said that you are wrong. They are seeking the same God you are. …”


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