How Does God Express Himself?



God expresses Himself through different things with varied qualities. This gives us immense happiness. Human beings do not experience happiness for no reason. There’s some connection somewhere. They will only be happy when somethings appeals and there is a certain feeling of joy. Why does a mother experience happiness upon seeing the child? Only she knows the connection. It is better to establish a similar connection with everything around us. Furthering the soul bond in this manner is the way to develop happiness. Only experience can tell us how serene it is to view everything with love. The valuable metals of gold and silver are found in the bowels of the earth. Corals and pearls lay hidden deep in the sea. You may assume that God too hides in a special place somewhere. But we need not excavate anywhere for God. God is manifest everywhere and in everyone. _Baba – From Sathya Sai Sath Sambhashana









Gurupournima is always a venerable celebration. This time-honoured festival is held every `full moon day’ around  July in honour of the guru. I had inwardly asked Swami for a spot inside the Mandir and feeling confident that he would oblige, I ‘d bought a bright festive pink punjabi especially for the occasion.

Before dawn, I rose and left for darshan. There was a dream-like quality everywhere. The early morning sounds of distant chanting could be heard, and the crows nesting in the trees leading to the Mandir made a hard rasping sound as they greeted the new day.

From small houses tucked away behind zigzagging gardens, small lights shone – throwing a hazy glow along narrow alleyways, from which shadowy figures now and again emerged, as they walked drowsily to the temple.

A distant musical clock chimed the four o’clock hour with its melodic nursery rhyme tune – the last few notes of which hung defiantly on to the stillness of the night air.

At the temple, the long queues of ladies spilled over into one another as they squatted in tired readiness for Omkar, the morning chant.

And on reaching the seating area, I noticed ladies assembled everywhere.

The endless queues stretched beside and around the Mandir entrance. In fact, there must have been over forty lines all of which were double. They sat squashed and anxious. I chose the row by the side of the Poornachandra Hall which I hoped would be favourable.

Soon dawn began to break and in the early morning light, I noticed the Mandir had already begun to fill with visiting V.I.P.s, hospital and ashram staff,  I knew few `general lines’ would be permitted to enter.

When the Seva Dal lady came along with her bag of numbers, I held my breath and prayed silently for a positive token, but being seated somewhere in the middle of the line, I couldn’t find out what number we had drawn. Suddenly, the young girl in front of me turned and whispered, “It’s o.kay, we have line five.”



Line one slowly rose and were seated, and then a pause before line two moved.  After what seemed endless waiting, line three and four both rose and went in at the same time. Then another tedious wait. Ultimately, after a heated discussion among the Seva Dal, we too, were guided in and placed unexpectedly in the front. Just after we sat down, the Seva Dal closed the gates.





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Hello, to All People Everywhere, This blog is an on-going adventure in all things with a spiritual dint - and there are my photographs too. I must confess to photographing flowers macro style because they are such a delightful subject and not at all camera shy. Both have given me a great deal of pleasure and some pain over the years. Eve

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