Avaita (non-dualism), is the first and foremost stage in the process of realization. It is beyond mind and word and can only be experience in the state of yoga samadhi (equanimity), Vishistaadvaita (???) however, can be expressed in a word through the mind and intellect. Life’s ultimate goal is to realize one’s inherent divinity. -BabaContinue reading “Avaita”

The Inherent Joy

The inherent joy derived in the process of performing karma is not found in its fruits. The immense joy that one derives while performing karma is like a stream of joy. Will an artist stop painting if money is offered to him? If you offer money to a poet to stop composing poetry, will heContinue reading “The Inherent Joy”

The Fire Of Wisdom

The fire of Wisdom has the power to transform anything. Does not a piece of black coal when subjected to fire lose its natural form, and take the form of a piece of burning ember? Similarly, though God’s flames of compassion are cool, once they blend with the flames of bhakti, the heat thereby generatedContinue reading “The Fire Of Wisdom”

God Resides In All Living Beings

Once an individual moves away from the worldly desires, all dharmas are one and the same. God resides in all living beings. He is in everything.  One should not peal of the outer skin of the wound before it is healed. Once dry the dead skin falls off by itself. If the skin is forciblyContinue reading “God Resides In All Living Beings”