Seek Refuge In Your Consciousness


The most important tool useful for the worship of God is your own chitta (consciousness) that is not affected by love and hate. Your word contaminated by untruth, your body, not subjected to any abuse, alone should be used in the worship of God. Comfort is not found in externals. It is within you. It is foolish to search for your happiness in worldly thoughts and the five sensory attractions. Happiness can be found only within you and in the blissful chanting of God’s name.  -Baba  

from: Sathya Sai Sath Sambhashana

aaelesaiedyellowstarshiningbrightOne should serve one’s parents with love as long as they live. -Baba.swami9099pinkheadmarked


A beautiful yet little known you tube,  “My heart will go on” from the film Titanic. Here on this video are some excellent film clips of Swami. I love this particular vid.  of Baba giving darshan, he looks so  well and radient.   This video fits in with my memories of the old  days in Whitefield, when afternoon bhajans were sung in the Sai Ramesh Hall. Baba used to enter the hall from the old brown door at the back of the  stage. My heart used to miss beats as he entered.  He’d slowly walk on to the stage, then pause for a moment, turn and smile and bless us all. ~ Love you Baba 

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Hello, to All People Everywhere, This blog is an on-going adventure in all things with a spiritual dint - and there are my photographs too. I must confess to photographing flowers macro style because they are such a delightful subject and not at all camera shy. Both have given me a great deal of pleasure and some pain over the years. Eve

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    introducing my Beautiful Reflections blog of photos from my folders. I have many and what to do with them all is hard to know. I’ve decided to upload them on a memory blog, a photo album, if you like, to bring joy to many hundreds of people around the world, who enjoy Sai Baba photos and quotes.. Thank you eve.

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