Journey Of Life


In his journey of life, man craves for material comforts. Instead of trying for brahmaananda1 (Eternal bliss), that is within his reach. He gets lured by lowly material comforts, gets caught in the illusory net and perishes. This is similar to the rats in a big granary being drawn by the smell of puffed rice placed specifically to draw them into the trap, entering the trap leaving the sumptuous grains outside. The material comforts are similar to this.. ~ Baba

from Sathya Sai Sath Sambhashana









Published by E.D.

Hello, to All People Everywhere, This blog is an on-going adventure in all things with a spiritual dint - and there are my photographs too. I must confess to photographing flowers macro style because they are such a delightful subject and not at all camera shy. Both have given me a great deal of pleasure and some pain over the years. Eve

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