Hari Om Namo Narayana



Beautiful you tube with music from Deva Premal


All divine incarnations without any differentiation are one and the same. The one and only God dips in the ocean of life and upon reaching one bank, is called  Krishna, when God dips again and reaches yet another bank, is called Rama. In a similar fashion, on the mighty tree of “sat-chit-adanda”  (Truth-Consciousness-Bliss). Rama, Krishna, Christ, Allah – one God in different forms, hang on several bunches of fruit. from these bunches, one or two of them descend to the earth to bring in mighty transformations. When Sri Ramachandra incarnated on earth, only Ramanchandra was God incarnate. Only very few knew of  the divinity of an incarnation. A frog,  residing in water, can never understand the sweetness of the lotus. It keeps leaping from one leaf to the other, without knowing the sweetness and perfume of the flower. If the frog had known of the sweetness of the lotus, would it ever allow access to the flower to a bumble-bee? Just as an elephant has external tasks and internal teeth, a Divine Incarnation has the exterior of an average man with a resplendent inner conscience of Brahmananda, ~Baba -Sathya Sai Sath Sambhashana









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