Who Am I


Who am I? Blood? Flesh? Bones? After serious contemplation, you will understand that there is no such thing as ‘I’ (an individual). This will ultimately make one realise that there in only One, and that is God. Only when ego is conquered does God appear. Jnana (Knowledge), is of several forms. The first one is the worldly wisdom, that all average human beings have. It is not very intense. It is like a lamp in a room; the light is confined to only the four walls. The jnana of bhaktha is far more resplendent. It is like the moonlight in which one can see outside as well as what is inside the room. The jnana of a master is eternally bright like the light of the sun. He is really a jnana-bhaskara10 (The Sun of Knowledge).   ~Baba – from Sathya Sai Sath Sambhashana










Published by E.D.

Hello, to All People Everywhere, This blog is an on-going adventure in all things with a spiritual dint - and there are my photographs too. I must confess to photographing flowers macro style because they are such a delightful subject and not at all camera shy. Both have given me a great deal of pleasure and some pain over the years. Eve

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