To Performs One’s Karma

Whether one remains in the affairs of the world (samsaara) or renounces it thinking that everything depends on God’s will,  and offers everything to God and performs one’s karma, there is nothing one can do beyond this.  Just as the quantity of bread depends on the quantity of flour, so is it  jnana of theContinue reading “To Performs One’s Karma”

Seek Refuge In Your Consciousness

The most important tool useful for the worship of God is your own chitta (consciousness) that is not affected by love and hate. Your word contaminated by untruth, your body, not subjected to any abuse, alone should be used in the worship of God. Comfort is not found in externals. It is within you. ItContinue reading “Seek Refuge In Your Consciousness”

Journey Of Life

In his journey of life, man craves for material comforts. Instead of trying for brahmaananda1 (Eternal bliss), that is within his reach. He gets lured by lowly material comforts, gets caught in the illusory net and perishes. This is similar to the rats in a big granary being drawn by the smell of puffed riceContinue reading “Journey Of Life”

Darshan -An Unforgettable Poem

The bird with you, the wings with Me; The foot with you, the way with Me; The eye with you, the form with Me; The thing with you, the dream with Me; The world with you, the heaven with Me; So are we free, so are we bound; So we begin and so we end;Continue reading “Darshan -An Unforgettable Poem”

It Is Enough

It is enough even if a leaf or flower or fruit is offered to God in all reverence. God never questions the amount of time you have spent in worshipping Him or what you have placed as an offering. This is not important. It is the intend behind the action that matters. God’s grace isContinue reading “It Is Enough”


Swadharmaacharana – following one’s duty as prescribed enjoined. Let us assume we are serving a patient, if that service is extended without the delicate emotions of compassion in the heart, the service turns irritable. The kind of service becomes burdensome, both to the server and served. Seva devoid of psychological co-operation gives birth to ego.Continue reading “Swadharmaacharana”

Hari Om Namo Narayana

… Beautiful you tube with music from Deva Premal . All divine incarnations without any differentiation are one and the same. The one and only God dips in the ocean of life and upon reaching one bank, is called  Krishna, when God dips again and reaches yet another bank, is called Rama. In a similarContinue reading “Hari Om Namo Narayana”

Who Am I

. Who am I? Blood? Flesh? Bones? After serious contemplation, you will understand that there is no such thing as ‘I’ (an individual). This will ultimately make one realise that there in only One, and that is God. Only when ego is conquered does God appear. Jnana (Knowledge), is of several forms. The first oneContinue reading “Who Am I”

God Is Within Everything

.                             Different are the religions. Different are the Garments, Materials, the same. Different are the ornaments, God, the same. Different are the colours of the cows, Milk the same. different are the living beings, Life, the same. Different are the nationalitiesContinue reading “God Is Within Everything”